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02 August 2012 @ 01:43 am
Getting shit done, Glee fandom style  

8 months after it should have aired in the Extraordinary Merry Christmas episode of season 3 of Glee, fandom FINALLY got Ryan Murphy to release this cut scene.

For those that don't know, the promotional material before the episode aired included stills of this scene that sent fans of Kurt and Blaine a twitter, with Blaine presenting Kurt a mysterious gift in a small red box. 'What was in the box?' became the question on everyone's lips, and we waited to find out with baited breath. Yet the episode aired, and whilst it included a VITAL scene in which Jewish Rachel was gifted a pig from her boyfriend, the time in which the box scene should have aired came and went...the episode ended. And a huge chunk of fandom ended with it.

Cut to May, and a group of fans heard the script for the episode was up for auction for charity. Many of us banded together to raise funds to purchase the script and see what was missing from the episode. In total we raised $14,000 for Project Angel Food, an LGBTQ* inclusive charity.

The script was perfect in all it's cheesy young love glory.

Now the scene was supposedly promised to be included on the dvds, but we soon found out that this was not true. Mass annoyance. By this time the season had ended, and fans of Kurt and Blaine had gone an entire season where the scenes were cut, and representations of queer affection were downplayed or ignored.

Then finally yesterday, show runner Ryan Murphy announces on his twitter that he'll release the scene if he gets to 500,000 followers (at the time he had 40,000.) We didn't appreciate being blackmailed after all the hard work that had gone in to raising money for charity just to read the scene, but we followed him regardless.

Today he has 100,000 followers (a large amount duplicate accounts with some rather tongue in cheek names) and he ACTUALLY RELEASED THE SCENE! Cheesy, romantic, queer and glorious.

The ratings have dropped significantly for the show, and many people have got bored with it, but Kurt and Blaine (and Brittany and Santana) mean a hell of a lot for a lot of people. So thank goodness for the power of a fandom united.
Annelies: Grace kiss colour heartssamjackshiplove on August 2nd, 2012 04:55 pm (UTC)
I don't follow Glee and didn't watch the scene (since I don't know who they are), but that's an awesome story!

Oh, if only we had gotten something like that for Sam & Jack! <3
draco_somniansdraco_somnians on August 3rd, 2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
OMG *blubs* Why did they cut that out?! It's beautiful.

I had no idea all of that was happening, I'm not really that involved in the fandom, but it's awesome that the fandom have managed to get this out even though it took far too long and should never have been cut in the first place.